HR Services 
HR Services 

Employee Relations 

Your employees are your greatest asset. Without them, everything from small daily tasks to major decisions will fall by the wayside. In order for your staff to get the most out of their roles and deliver exceptional results, your business needs to show that it has an infrastructure in place that’s capable of dealing with grievance complaints, disciplinary actions and capability issues. 
This is far easier said than done, as maintaining positive employee relations needs to be as proactive as it is responsive. The establishing of clear procedures and operational standards is a necessity, followed by the integration of this methodology into your company culture so that everyone is on the same page. All of this takes considerable time, effort and attention to detail, which many businesses simply can’t spare. 
Humanonomy provides a comprehensive service that can include tailored advice, drafting letters, conducting investigations, and attending meetings whenever suitable. We can also deliver coaching that’s specifically designed to upskill managers and give them the confidence to lead by example, followed by ongoing background support from our specialists. 
Whether you outsource employee relations to us entirely or simply require occasional support, we can help with the following: 
Disciplinary investigations, hearings and appeals 
Grievance investigations, hearings and appeals 
Whistleblowing investigations 
Bullying and harassment investigations 
Capability and underperformance 
Absence management 
Settlement agreements 
Guidance on legal best practice 

People Basics 

When it comes to running a business, compliance is crucial. This takes into account multiple factors, including employment law, HR best practice, regulations associated with your sector, environmental considerations, and all of the documentation that comes with them. 
Ensuring that your organisation is fully compliant both now and on a long-term basis is time-consuming and stressful, which is why we’re here to manage it on your behalf to the highest standard. We can support you in any and all of the following areas: 
Contracts of employment 
Data protection and GDPR 
Employee handbooks, policies and procedures 
Exit interviews 
Performance management 
Onboarding, induction and probation 
HR administration 
Job descriptions 

HR Support 

There’s an old phrase that goes: 
“A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.” 
Nothing demonstrates how much you value your people more than exemplary levels of human resources, which in turn will help to increase productivity and employee wellbeing. 
Managing HR comes with a wide variety of processes linked to employment legislation, best practice, equal rights, mental health and more. Keeping on track with ever-changing requirements can be a headache, so we offer a comprehensive HR health check that analyses your existing system and suggests ways that it can be improved, streamlined and future-proofed. 
Then there’s our HR toolkit, which is cleverly designed to minimise the amount of time you spend on HR admin whilst achieving greater results. In the process, our guidance will enable your business to maintain an approach to people processes that’s both consistent and adaptable. 

Organisational Design & Development 

If you want to improve the effectiveness of your organisation, you need to start with your people. This is because employees are the key to unlocking new opportunities, fine-tuning existing systems, and getting your business exactly where you want it to be both now and in the future. 
An organisation’s growth and evolution should always be accompanied by detail, otherwise you could find yourself unequipped to cope with new demands and expectations. We can help you to stay on track and lead the way by managing a range of focus areas: 
Equality and diversity 
Organisational values 
People strategy 
Team building 
Workplace culture 
Employee engagement 

Change Management 

Whilst the principles of smooth and effective change management have been around for many years, never has the world of business seen such a need for strategic transformation. Fluctuations and realignments in terms of specific markets, consumer behaviours, client needs, technological integration and communication methods each require a suitable response in a timely fashion. Meanwhile, some organisations take on the role of trailblazer and aim to show the rest how it should be done. 
Significant change always requires intense planning, forecasting and testing, followed by universal application across the organisation. Embedding new philosophies, values and systems can require a tremendous investment in terms of time, admin and employee engagement, which is exactly where we come in. 
Our experts can help you to identify issues, formulate a solution, involve your teams and apply the change in the most efficient and effective way. 
Change management toolkits tailored to your needs 
Employee engagement support 
Project management and success reporting 

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